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Welcome to this historical survey and to my fully illustrated books and manuscripts, written during forty years of research and worldwide traveling. Every chapter is concluded by travel descriptions with pictures and text in German - Reisen.

Author, researcher: Werner Soelch, Dipl. Ing. Univ.
Co-author, web layout: Hans Soelch, Dipl. Kfm. Univ.
Consultant: Anton Soelch, Dipl. Geogr. Univ.

Updated June 2010

Photographs are by the author or his collection (WS), if not credited otherwise (in brackets). Generally the train's name or destination, the locomotive class, the locality and the date is mentioned. You are welcome to copy and distribute parts of the survey's text and the author's own photos (not other contributors' pictures!) FREELY for every non-commercial use on condition that you mention the source and you are FREE to integrate them unchanged into any non-commercial Web site on condition that you provide a one-click link to log on directly to

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A lot of small photographes (with 450 pix) you can get larger (in 980 pix), if you click on it. At some medium pictures (with 980 pix) you can find a download symbol to get the photograph very large (more then 980 pix).

Grand Expresses connected with ocean liners, cruise ships are their successors. Some trains are ferried across the seas. A Web site is under construcion by Heribert Schroepfer and Werner Soelch, covering the history of passenger shipping. Successor of the grand expresses and ocean liners is worldwide jet air transport. A global historical analysis is under preparation, including airport expresses worldwide

Our thanks go to all the people and institutions, who have contributed information and pictures to my books and book projects, the basis of that survey - the list, beginning half a century ago with Dr. Fritz Stoeckl, Carl Bellingrodt, Roger Commault, Marc Dahlstrom, Raymond Floquet, Waldemar Gruebl, J.B. Kronawitter, Maurice Mertens, Dr. Alfred Muehl, is too long for writing it down. Special thanks go also to DB, SBB, SNCF, Cie. des Wagons-Lits, to the editor of most of my books, Herrn Alf Teloeken (Alba Publikation), to Arnold Muell and Heribert Schroepfer specially for their excellent authentic drawings and paintings, to Alby Glatt, to La Vie du Rail, to Rico Bogula, Herb Broadbelt, Siegfried Bufe, Jean-Paul Caracalla, Arthur D. Dubin, Friedhelm Ernst, Radko Friml, DB-Museum Nurnberg, Dr. Dr. Juergen Franzke, Georgeos Handrinos, Wolfgang Illenseer, DB-Verkehrsarchiv, R.H. Kindig, Juergen Klein, Hans Kohut, Dr. Peter E. Kristl, J.B. Kronawitter, Thomas Meyer-Eppler, Heiko Mueller, Spyros Nikolopoulos, Matthias Schulze, Josef Otto Slezak, Guenter Soelch, Dr. Stephan Stoeckl, Wilhelm Tausche, Josef Ungewitter (who had established the biggest ticket collection with almost one million railway tickets), Wolfram Veith, Dr. Hansjuergen Wenzel, Ernst Wolf, to all contributors of photographs (the names are mentioned with the pictures), to Kurt Soelch, Daniela Soelch and to my wife Kyriaki. For steam photos worldwide the wonderful books by Guenter Haslbeck and Dave Wardale must be specially appreciated.

For information in English language about railways worldwide see “Railway Gazette International” and the other competent magazines. For railway maps and actual timetables see “Thomas Cook Overseas Timetable” and “Thomas Cook European Rail Timetable”, Peterborough, UK.

Note: 1 km = 0.6214 statute miles; 1 statute mile = 1.6093 km.

For more information about Grand Expresses you could join “Wagons-Lits Society”, founded by George Behrend MA FRCS MIT. Please contact: Rob Heron, 1 Morton Road, Great Totham, Maldon, Essex, AB56 4AN, UK, For more information about Grand Expresses you could join "Wagons-Lits Society", started by George Behrend MA FRCS MIT. Please contact: Rob Heron, 1 Morton Road, Great Totham, Maldon, Essex, AB56 4AN, UK, See also the book “Pullman and the Orient Expresses” by George Behrend and the Wagons-Lits lists by L.Trbuhovic, please contact Rob Heron.
For CIWL’s ‘Grands Express’ see also various books by George Behrend, Jean des Cars/ Jean-Paul Caracalla, Roger Commault, Jean-Paul Lepage, Dr. Alfred Muehl, Juergen Klein and Dr. Fritz Stoeckl. For Asia see Asia Railroads Internet List.

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