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L u s i t a n i a - E x p r e s s

Lusitania-Express, ex-Norte Mountain type from Hanomag, Madrid 1944 (coll. Roger Commault)

Though Spain under dictator Franco during WWII stayed "neutral", Spanish troops were fighting against Stalin in Russia. And Portuguese under despot Salazar fought on the side of the Allies. Nevertheless Spain and Portugal introduced in 1943 the Lusitania-Express from Madrid to Lisbon on the same route, which initially the Sud-Express from 1883 had taken until the direct line via Pampilhosa had been opened. The Lusitania-Express was a "Lujo" still in the '60s, consisting of blue sleepers, a diner, a van of CIWL and a RENFE coach, containing sumptuous "Butacas" compartments. For some time in Spain it had been hauled by the beautiful Hanomag type Mountains and then by the ex-MZA streamlined 241F2100 series, the "veiled beauties", black Mountains with the casing only partially removed. The S type sleepers were replaced by the Lj class, some ones temporarily painted silver. At Lisbon Santa Apolonia station the departure of the Lusitania-Express with the passengers coming form South and North America was like the departure of an Ocean steamer….

Lisbon Sta. Apolonia - Madrid Delicias, Sept. 1960:
1305 (diesel)CP Lisbon - Valencia de Alcantara
141-2102 (2-8-2) RENFE Valencia - Navalmoral or Placencia
241-2101 (4-8-2) RENFENavalmoral or Placencia - Madrid
1 F (van)CIWLLisbon - Madrid
1 WL Lj (sleeper)CIWLLisbon - Madrid
1 AB ButacasRENFELisbon - Madrid
1 WR (exWPB)CIWLLisbon - Madrid

In the '40s the rare S4 type sleeper was used.

RENFE: 4-8-0 type 240-2200 ex-Oeste, Mountains 241-4000 ex-Norte, streamlined Mountains 241-2100 ex-MZA, to the border Mikados 141, then diesel.
CP: Originally tenwheelers, then diesel, then 25kV ac BB Alsthom.

Portuguese tenwheeler, formerly used also for the Lusitania-Express, with a regional train Valencia de Alcantara - Lisbon, connecting with the mail train from Madrid, at Marvao in 1960 (WS)

Lusitania-Express Lisbon – Madrid, CP Baldwin engine, departure Lisbon 1960 (WS)