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T r a n s a t l a n t i q u e

Train d'emigrants with locomotive 17 of the Jura-Bern-Luzern railway (coll. Emil Konrad)

New York Express (coll. Roger Commault)

The rare Salon 155, employed by CIWL between Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the former Pullman parlor car “Mars”, used between Paris and Le Havre (coll. Roger Commault)

Transatlantique Paris – Cherbourg with locomotive 230-160, a CIWL diner and ordinary coaches of Ouest-Etat (old postcard)

This engine, presented in 1900 and intended for hauling de-luxe trains, has been designed by M. Thuille - who had been killed during tests on the Etat railway (contemporary press)

Very early the Compagnie Generale Transatlantique, known as the French Line, had emigrants' specials Basle - Le Havre. The only de-Luxe expresses connecting with Ocean steamers on the European continent were the French "Trains Transatlantiques" from Paris to Cherbourg and Le Havre. A highlight was the French Line's white Train de Luxe from 1889. The Wagons-Lits company CIWL continued the service with varnished teak saloons. From 1931 until WWII the Transatlantiques were equipped with green/turquoise colored "voitures-salons" of ETAT railways with superb CIWL service. Another sensation on that line were the 3-unit Bugatti railcar sets. From 1944 the Allied military trains occupied the tracks. When the Transatlantique had its last run in 1974, it was a simple SNCF train.

Train d' emigrants
Basle - Delle - Paris - Le Havre by French Line: van, 5 bogie coaches (one with buffet), van.

Trains transatlantiques by Ouest, with a CIWL diner.
Train de luxe with 6 voitures-salon from 1889 (cream) by French Line.

Transatlantique - Express
Paris (always S. Lazare) - Le Havre - New York-Express (for NDL) Paris - Cherbourg, from 1900 by CIWL, WS 255-261 (ex Club Train), WS 741 - 744 and WR 745 - 746 (ex French Line from 1889), formation e.g. F2, WR, 4WS, F3. Traction: 230 Ouest (4-6-0).

From 1928 voitures-salons by ETAT, ex-1st class from 1922, formations with a CIWL diner.

Paris - Le Havre, Paris - Cherbourg: Salons - ETAT from 1931, 301-305 and (with kitchen) 351-375, service by CIWL, colors : dark green/turquoise.

A typical formation, by ETAT (according to Roger Commault):
1F (van)
4B (2nd class)
1A4 (saloon)
1A2S (saloon with kitchen)
1A4 (saloon)
1F (van)

A typical connecting service for an Ocean Liner in 1939:
1 Train de luxe
1 Train 1re classe
1 Train "touristes" 1re, 2me classe
1 Train d' emigrants 3me classe
Traction: 231-D (4-6-2) or 241-A (4-8-2) ETAT.

Train Transatlantique of ETAT, Pacific 231-777 (later class 231D) and two "voitures-salons", at Acheres towards 1934 (Raymond Floquet)

ETAT prototype 241.101 (Raymond Floquet)

Bugatti single-unit railcar of ETAT in the railway museum Mulhouse (WS)