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A m e r i c a n   O r i e n t   E x p r e s s   a n d   N o s t a l g i a

The first exclusive de-Luxe after the Broadway, Panama Limited and Super Chief had ceased to be all-sleeper trains, was the American European Express, created by Alby Glatt of Switzerland, who had successfully started his Nostalgic Istanbul Orient Express in Europe, and his partners in the USA. Its refurbished sleepers, diner, club car and round-end observation car of the 40s ran in combination with the Broadway in 1989. In 1991 they formed a separate train Washington - Chicago, with a pair of F18 diesels. Due to an unlucky event, the service was stopped in the same year. Then the beautiful dark-blue/cream colored train undertook cruises for TCS Expeditions. In 1997 it was acquired by Henry Hillman - and became the splendid American Orient Express. Vista-domes and a second train set were added in 2002. The American Orient Express, then hauled by Amtrak P42DC diesels, continued to undertake exclusive tours through the United States from Washington to Los Angeles, to New Orleans or to the Northwest, and also trips from Vancouver to Toronto and from Tucson to the Copper Canyon in Mexico. In 2006 it was acquired by Tom Radar, labelled Grand Luxe Express, preserving its color scheme and all its luxury. In August 2008 it was stopped on account of insolvency (according to Wikipedia) and sold. In 2009 it had been announced: "The American Orient Express will run again in 2011". Another matter, not de-luxe, but nostalgic, are the last steam trains in the Rockies and other fascinating heritage and tourist trains. As they are offering short nostalgic trips, they cannot be listed with this worldwide survey as nice as they are.

American Orient Express at Williams, Arizona, May1, 2000 (Anton Soelch)

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Durango & Silverton Railroad, 2003 (Guenther Botha)

Cumbres & Toltic Scenic Railroad, 2003 (Guenther Botha)