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S u p e r - C o n t i n e n t a l

The beautiful Mountain type U-1-f class of CN at Toronto, June 1945 (Canadian National)

Express of Canadian National bound for Vancouver, Mount Robson in the background (Canadian National)

Canadian National’s two-unit 2-D-1 type 9000 of 1929, the first large diesel in North America, on a passenger train test run Montreal - Vancouver, later split into 2 units (Canadian National)

The Niagara type U-4-a class of CN c.1936 (Canadian National)

Super-Continental westbound with a heating van behind the three F
group diesels, Windy Point near Jasper, 1963 (Canadian National)

While the Canadian Pacific had reached Vancouver in 1885, the Canadian National Railways (CNR) was created only in 1923. One of its predecessors however, the grand Trunk Railway, had established already in 1880 the link between Montreal and Chicago with the intention to reach the Pacific by the way of the USA. The Grand Trunk Pacific completed in 1914 a line to Prince Rupert, but that Pacific port never achieved much importance. The Canadian Northern reached Vancouver in 1915. Its train no.1 Toronto - Vancouver was continued by the Canadian National and later it became the International Limited. In 1923 the beautiful Mountain series U-1, then the heavy Niagaras U-2 and finally the black/green steamlined U-4-a and b Niagaras appeared. The clumsy twin-diesel 9000 of 1929, the first one in North America, remained a prototype. Prestige trains were the Ocean Limited Halifax - Montreal and the Continental Limited Montreal - Vancouver, from 1955 the Super-Continental. In 1961, light-grey/black replaced the black/olive colors. The Alco FP diesels for the “Ocean” and General Motors F for the Super-Continental got a black/white paint scheme with an orange-red nose. Four engines hauled up to 20 cars over the Rocky Mountains! In 1981 came the end for the Super-Continental.

CN in 1976 (according to Dr. Fritz Stoeckl):
2 Diesels 6506, 6628 Montreal -
2 Diesels 6534, 6616 Toronto -
1 Baggage Toronto - Vancouver
2 Coach Montreal - Vancouver
1 Bar Lounge Montreal - Vancouver
2 Daynighter Montreal - Vancouver
1 Sleeping Car/ Buffet Montreal - Vancouver
1 Bar-Counter Montreal - Vancouver
3 Sleeping Car Montreal - Vancouver
1 Full-Dome Car Winnipeg - Vancouver
1 Dining Car Winnipeg - Vancouver
1 Sleeping Car Winnipeg - Vancouver
1 Coach Toronto - Winnipeg
2 Coach Toronto - Vancouver
1 Bar Lounge (12-wheeler) Toronto - Vancouver
1 Dining Car Toronto - Winnipeg
4 Sleeping Car Toronto - Vancouver
1 Sleeping Car Toronto - Winnipeg

The Canadian of VIA Rail Canada changed to the Canadian National route in 1990. Later it became hauled by two or three F40PH diesels with "yellow nose". The Renaissance trains in the East with stock initially built for the London Night Star got dark-gray/yellow/turquoise colors and the new P42 diesels.

Ocean Limited of CN with Alco diesels eastbound near Moncton (Canadian National)

The Canadian Vancouver - Toronto (- Montreal) of VIA Rail Canada with four F diesels crossing the Assiniboine at Winnipeg, April 1985 (WS)

Lakeshore Toronto - Montreal/ Ottawa with cars from the Canadian, CN and VIA engine, departure Toronto, May 1985 (WS)

The Northlander Toronto - North Bay, GM/EMD diesel of the Ontario Northern hauling an ex-Swiss TEE railcar set, Toronto, April 1985 (WS)

VIA train 65 from Montreal, being shunted at Toronto, 1985 (WS)

Turbo Train of Canadian National in 1975 (Robert Taylor, via Wikimedia)

A VIA train with a F40PH at Bayvieuw, Ontario 2007 (Brian, via Wikimedia)

The "Canadian" Montreal - Vancouver near Banff, May 1985 (WS)